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On Tuesday, September 23, 1997, two primered Ford Thunderbirds from the Bud Moore Engineering shops circled Charlotte Motor Speedway as a part of the open test session for the upcoming 500 mile NASCAR Winston Cup race. Greg Sacks was the driver as the team prepared for a return to competition.


“We left Charlotte feeling pretty good that we had tested two cars and come away with the third quickest time of the Tuesday open testing session,” said Greg Moore. “That was until we picked up this morning’s paper and it reported that we were one of the three slowest teams instead of one of the three quickest.”

Greg Sacks

“The impact of that error in reporting has made it very difficult for us to even sell a one race sponsorship. If Charlotte plans to release speeds from a testing session like that, they should put transponders in the cars to record every lap, like they do at Indy.”

The Bud Moore Engineering team with Greg Sacks driving never ran more than four or five laps at a time, but they consistently recorded times in the 30.50 second bracket on old tires. New tires made them three-tenths quicker.

“It took us just a little while to get back in the saddle,” Greg Moore admitted. “But, once we got the cars all balanced out with shocks and tire pressures both cars got a whole lot quicker. Sacks really help us with his input.

“Sacks communicated with us real well right from the start,” Bud Moore smiled. “After a few laps we decided that we had a pretty good fit.”

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