Former Bud Moore Engineering Garage

The former home of Bud Moore Engineering,400 N Fairview Ave now owned by a local college.

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“You had it going on,” said Hylton, whose modest shop on the outskirts of town still stands. “Then it was kind of like somebody cut the fence, and they escaped.”

Rise and decline
The brick building off Fairview Avenue has been empty for a little while now, and it shows. A back lot behind a high fence topped with razor wire, a place where team transporters used to park, is now strewn with debris. The weathered garage bay door is locked shut. What was once the home of Bud Moore Engineering, a Spartanburg institution that won 63 races and two championships in 38 years on NASCAR’s premier circuit, was recently purchased by Converse College and eventually will be used for storage. Small, laminated signs tacked to the front of the facility warn visitors to keep out.

Perhaps no single structure better symbolizes the rise and decline of NASCAR in Spartanburg better than Moore’s old building, which the former team owner built in 1963. It housed one of NASCAR’s better organizations, a stepping stone for up-and-coming drivers like Rudd and Earnhardt that was competitive until the mid-1990s and remained in Spartanburg long after all the other teams had moved out. But eventually sponsorship struggles set in, and performance began to suffer, and in 1999 Moore sold out to two brothers from California. They couldn’t make a go of it, and in 2002 the building was sold at auction for a mere $55,000.


Abandoned Places In Spartanburg: Bud Moore Engineering Shop



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