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I have received few email request asking about any Parts left from Bud Moore Trans-am days 


1. Bud Moore Engineering is no longer in Business  and there is no parts for sale for Trans-ams cars 

  You might find some information on this website Trans-Am Listings and Shelby Ford Trans-AM Racing and Ford Racing Trans-am


2. The Bud Moore Engineering shop is now own by Converse Collage 


3. Bud Moore does not own any of type of racing cars or parts  from his  Trans-am and NASCAR days 

 i hope this information is helpful 





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Firstly, thank you for stopping by our website! We hope you enjoy all the great history and racing memories we've got to share.

This website was created by Walter "Bud" Moore Nephew (me) to not only share those great memories with the world, but to also preserve and continue the legendary car owner  Walter "Bud" Moore from Spartanburg, SC has made. 

Thank you for your understanding, enjoy the website,

tell all your friends, and Happy Motoring!

- LM





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