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Bud Moore: Memoir of a Country Mechanic from D-Day to NASCAR Glory

 Storming the beach at Normandy 70 years ago, little did a 19-year old farm boy Spartanburg, South Carolina, know the incredible times that were in store for him. Fighting for his country at war, Bud Moore earned five Purple Hearts, two Bronze Stars, captured with his jeep driver in enemy headquarters of more than 30 German officers and soldiers, and survived to return home and launch a career of enormous fame and wealth. Beginning as one of NASCAR stock car racing's true pioneers, Bud Moore won countless races in the rough and tumble days of the sport and continued on to win three Grand National Championships, a Grand American Championship, and the Sports Car Club of America Trans Am Championship. He won all those while victorious in three Southern 500s, the Daytona 500, and dozens of other major NASCAR events. A Who's Who of America's best drivers have chauffeured Bud Moore machines such as Buck Baker, Buddy Baker, Joe Weatherly, Joe Eubanks, Bobby Allison, David Pearson, Dan Gurney, Parnelli Jones, George Follmer, Lloyd Ruby, Tiny Lund, Darel Dieringer, Billy Wade, Peter Revson, Geoff Bodine, Jack Smith, Speedy Thompson, Fireball Roberts, and many many more. But racing also had a very high price as in less than a year his drivers Joe Weatherly and Billy Wade made the ultimate sacrifice of being killed in their primes piloting Bud Moore racecars. So ever since he entered the sport, Bud Moore continued to find ways to improve the cars making them not only faster, but safer. His innovations were immediately adopted by NASCAR and the automobile manufacturers and many are still in use today. Bud Moore did it all while providing for his wife of 63 years and helping raise three wonderful boys. Very few men or women have had the opportunity to serve their country and excel in their chosen field as did Bud Moore has. Now a gentleman farmer, he tells it all here; the danger and the daring, the heartbreak and the triumph, and the winning the ultimate honor that his sport can bestow


Bud Moore NASCAR Hall of Fame




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